PPC Monitoring Guide

Aa a PPC manager, freelancer or agency owner, monitoring and tracking your Paid Search (PPC) campaigns is vitally important. There are a number of ways to track or monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure the right delivery and success but there are two main categories; PPC Budget monitoring and PPC performance monitoring. 

PPC Budget Monitoring 

For many advertisers, PPC budget is allocated each month or each quarter and this budget is managed accordingly. As a Paid Search Manager or freelancer, ensuring the campaign doesn’t exceed this budget is crucial. In many instances, agencies must pay back clients if a campaign over-spends, so keeping a close eye on how your PPC budget is tracking is crucial. 

Airtomic has a unique feature that lets users group campaigns by budget line, making PPC budget monitoring easier than ever with our PPC budget tracking software

PPC Performance monitoring

The aim of the game for many advertisers is to generate as many leads, sales or revenue from PPC as possible. In order to deliver the best results possible, regularly monitoring performance is a must-do. 

Key metrics to monitor depend on the KPI of your client but could be any one from the below:

  • Return on ad spend 
  • Cost per conversion
  • Revenue
  • Cost per lead

In any PPC account, performance will differ by campaign, ad group and keyword, so tracking and monitoring performance at there different levels will help you spot areas to optimize the overall account. 

If you’re already a user of Airtomic's PPC tracking software and monitoring tools, you can see performance for each budget at a campaign level in just a few clicks. What’s more, our forecast conversions and forecast ROAS columns allow you to predict performance for your budget cycle, helping you spot under-performance or opportunities to push budgets harder far easier. 

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