Set Up Google Ads Enhanced Conversion with Shopify Customer Events

Pixels are small JavaScript codes that operate on your online store or during checkout and you can manage these from the "Customer Events" section in your Shopify admin. These pixels gather and share customer behaviour data for marketing and reporting purposes.

"Customer events" refer to actions your customers take, which help you see how they interact with your business. Integrated third-party services use the data collected by pixels from these events to improve your marketing strategies and analytics, for platforms like Google Ads or Meta Ads. 

Below is a template for how you can easily implement a Google Ads purchase conversion pixel as a Shopify customer event, this template also support's Google’s Enhanced Conversions tracking.

  1. In your Shopify admin section, click on "Settings" > "Customer Events"
  2. Select "Add custom pixel", give it a name and then remove the template code guide
  3. Copy & paste the below code template - make sure you add in your own Google Ads Conversion ID (replacing 123456789) and the conversion label (replacing LABELHERE)
  4. Once those edits have been made, save your pixel (screenshot below) and then select "Connect"
  5. That's it! You now have the best practice Google Ads tracking with enhanced conversions for Shopify purchases (checkout_completed event)

Google Ads Tracking Template - Shopify Customer Events